Learning to Learn® is the most effective student retention program in higher education.
• 90% graduation rate for first-generation students at 4-year colleges
• 70% three-year graduate rate for community college students
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Learning to Learn® : Bridging the Achievement Gap in Urban Schools

Learning to Learn® is a research-based system of learning strategies with strong, lasting impacts on achievement across the curriculum.

In-Classroom Teacher Training
LTL coaches provide teachers with ongoing training and support.

Active-Learning Classrooms
LTL strategies involve inquiry-based learning activities.

In LTL classrooms,
• The teacher is a facilitator, not a lecturer.
• Students apply research-based learning strategies to master new skills and information.
Strong Results Within Three Months

Within 3 months, 70% of previously-struggling 6th-8th graders will make the following gains:

• Achieve gains of 6-24 months in reading comprehension
• Write well-constructed paragraphs with 80% correct grammatical usage

Perform math tasks meeting Common Core Curriculum standards with 100% accuracy, and correctly explain their math in words (e.g., Eighth graders will understand the relation between ordered pairs of numbers and accurately graph linear equations.)
Bridging the Mathematics Achievement Gap in Struggling Urban Schools

Achieve C or better on classroom tests in history and science; attain at least 30% higher scores than comparable non-LTL students on district- wide tests in these subject-matter areas

Concrete Products & Formative Evaluation
Every LTL activity produces a visible student product. This allows for ongoing formative evaluation of students' skill usage.

Behavior Management
Teachers are trained in effective classroom management practices that are reinforced through consistently-applied school-wide policies and Parental Involvement activities.
Learning to Learn Algebra Video