Why is LTL so effective?
Learning to Learn is an integrated system of learning strategies that build towards a central goal: Moving the student from rote-memory learning to inquiry-based learning. These strategies are derived from our research on the learning practices of expert learners.
• We found that the central skill used by expert learners is engaging in an ongoing, internal dialogue with new information. This is a natural skill – a cornerstone of problem-solving in both formal and informal learning.
For example, the urban pedestrian – literate or not – is constantly engaged in this internal dialogue: Crossing a street in traffic, she asks herself, “How fast are the cars going? Can I cross here, or wait for the light?”
• With LTL, we help “street-bright” students – who use these natural thinking skills outside of school – adapt these skills to formal learning.
Concrete products: Every LTL activity produces a visible student product; every thinking strategy is externalized, providing opportunities for ongoing evaluation of students’ skills – and specific knowledge of where a student needs help.
Team Games and Student Mentors provide positive reinforcement for student involvement.
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