College-Prep Weekend Workshops
Students learn new, unique learning strategies for ALL academic areas including math & science.
Students learn to predict up to 80% of exam questions with our copyrighted test-preparation methods.
Workshop fee includes Learning to Learn textbook & 2-hour video.
Key Learning to Learn Strategies
Taking Lecture Notes
Generating Questions from lecture notes
Generating lecture-note questions in math-based courses
Asking Good Questions
Using natural thinking skills to generate more complex, higher-level questions from lecture notes and readings
Reading to Answer Questions
Using specific inquiry-based reading methods for differing reading materials
Reading Textbooks
Reading Without Headings
Reading for Examples
Reading in Math-Based Courses
Reading Graphs, Tables, and Diagrams
Time and Task Management
Constructing Task Management Checklists that break up large tasks into specific learning goals
Preparing for and Taking Exams: Combining Inquiry and Visual Learning
Predicting Objective & Essay Exam Questions With Question Charts
Preparing for Essay Exams With Key Word Diagrams
Writing Term Papers
Writing to answer Questions: Researching & Writing Term Papers
Using an Editing Checklist to Improve Grammar & Syntax As Part of the Writing Process
Gains From LTL Weekend College-Prep Workshops
At the end of the workshop, students will be able to:
Move from rote-memory to inquiry-based learning
Ask course-relevant questions and predict 80% of exam questions
Feel confident when taking exams
Understand & work through math word problems
Write clearing & with purpose
Plan & organize term papers
Manage their time effectively
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